The Most Powerful And Wanted Mercedes AMG

1Car crazy people are always anxious about the latest kinds of car models that are launched in the market. Are you a car crazy fan? Then the new model of Mercedes is just for you. The new versions of the cars are now days launched with huge powerful engines that can churn out a good amount of Horse power.

People are now days considering look as well as performance at the first level. All automobile companies are focusing on the look, performance, engine power and safety measures. The new Mercedes AMG is all set to rock the roads with its monster engine capacity.

The Mercedes AMG model is launched in various versions with various types of engine capacity. All the engines of this particular model can easily provide horse power of more than 500.

The torque that is generated from the engine is around 479 lb-ft.  This can easily reach 4500 rpm. The AMG monoblock wheels make the car more attractive and comfort drive when you are on a go.

The luxurious car is provided with around 7 speed of automatic gearbox for an unmatchable experience. The power that is generated by this engine is just twice than that of the other models launched by Mercedes.  Riders can easily the speed of 1000km/h within a time span of around 4 seconds.

The engine capacity of the Mercedes AMG can be compared to that of the car those are used during F1 race.  It can also reach the top speed of 250km/hr.  The thrill factor of this car will give you a nightmare experience. The exhaust system of the car is much developed and thus the performance of the car is enhanced without much issue.

Just start the car with a single option and see the car roaring to run in the race. The speedometer of the car will start running with the blink of the eye. Simply lift the new throttle and see the engine backfiring and going fast.

The car is provided with driving options such as Sport+, Sport, Comfort and Individual mode. All these modes are having their own experience that cannot be compared with each other. The comfort version provides a good tolerable kind of ride experience. The Sport version is going to add more throttle experience.

Simply try to enjoy the new feature of the Mercedes AMG and make your road drive the most memorable one. It is sure you will never feel the thrill and experience of this unique model of car in other versions.