Towing Services in Milwaukee

Now, as many of you know, I’ve recently moved into the Milwaukee area. My folks in the area were ecstatic, but my car wasn’t so happy about the distance. I lived in an area of California that was very laid back, warm, and cozy. There were lots of hills, which, Wisconsin wasn’t so different in that respect, but the scenery around my apartment complex was much flatter than I was used to still.

Oh, right, and the temperature different in the Winter. Brrrrr.

I thought about finding a towing service in Milwaukee before I made the drive down there, just in case.   You can never be too prepared, but you can always be under-prepared. Well, this slipped my mind, like it might with most, and I did all the regular checks and made the drive out there, all of my belongings in tow.

Would you believe it if I told you I broke down right outside of Milwaukee? My car finally had it, bit the dust and left this world 20 minutes from the apartment I had signed a lease for a week ago. I felt frustrated, and I felt a little stuck. I kept thinking to myself, what if I had just found towing services in Milwaukee like I had meant to days ago?

I sighed, looking out at the traffic going by on the highway next to me, and with each passing car my poor, lifeless vehicle moved and swayed. It wasn’t like I could really move my car any further away from the shoulder without a working engine, so I got to work on calling up the first towing services in Milwaukee I could find on the first few results of the internet. The woman on the other end of the phone asked me for the standard information they needed, like what highway I was on and at what mile marker I was near, what my driver’s license information was and verifying my vehicle information. The call itself only took 4 minutes according to my phone, but time seemed to take forever.

Once she hung up, I sat back in my seat and tried to push away thoughts of other cars hitting the small trailer I was towing and stringing my belongings all across the highway. I wasn’t ready to think about all of that 20 minutes from where my new apartment sat.

The tow truck showed up rather soon, according to my phone’s call log, a mere 15 minutes from the time the call was ended. I talked to the tow truck driver and verified all of my information with him, and it turned out that in most cases they’re not able to tow the small travel unit I was towing along, but he had the specific rig he needed to do that. Since the tow was less than 30 minutes away, he said he would cover the costs for me. What a relief!

He got the car towed in as well as the travel unit and we were off in a short period of time. The cab of the truck was rather spacious, which was not something I expected from a tow truck. I was dropped off at a mechanic’s shop closest to my apartment and I put an order in for my car. From there, the shop was only a few minute drive from my apartment, so I was able to get a taxi to tow my travel unit there and start unpacking while my car was in the shop.

What a start to the Summer, for sure.

Moral of the lesson learned: always find towing services in Milwaukee before the trip, because if not, the car will break down.